About Us

Moon Astronauts is the new BSC contract designed to truly take our holders to the moon. All the smart contract elements are created to drive this token towards a higher price point for the diamond hand-holders. All you have to do is buy and hold and enjoy the journey. Our first stop is the moon then we will explore the galaxy and truly bring you the 100x gem you have been looking for.

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  • CA: 0x18675ee936965002d47729106e25eAF5E7CDFa21
  • info@moonastronauts.io

We are more than just
a meme token

With various tried and tested tokenomics we have found the way to reach the moon and beyond

Our smart contract has gone through various iterations of testing and by adapting the latest and most innovative tokenomics we have found the perfect solution that will drive our token to another dimension.

With an extensive roadmap of features that are coming our project has the foundation to not only be successful but also be known as the new standard of success.

Our project has been fully audited and third-party tested, we plan on bringing an aggressive marketing strategy to Moon Astronauts that will bring new volume and growth for years to come!

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What makes us stand out...

Generous Reflections

Our members benefit from 2% reflections on all transactions flowing through

Aggressive Marketing

We continuously push marketing boundaries and grow our community with various marketing methods.

Integrated Buyback

We have integrated buyback capability to help sustain growth and strengthen liquidity.


We have a limited collection of exclusive NFT's that will rise with the popularity of the project.

Ecosystem Roadmap

We have an extensive ecosystem in development that includes staking and farming just to name a few.

Anti Whale

We have integrated measures to protect the community from whale dumps and our buyback helps retain the floor.


Our Tokenomics are very simple. 9% buy and sell unless your selling within the first 24 hours in check case you will be taxed 18% this is to help avoid day trading and help the buyback capability and further strengthening of liquidity.

As mentioned our contract has been fully audited and you are free to review the contract. With our contract already looking after some of our future features, we have an extensive strategy for success and are looking forward to bringing you with us to the moon. Our marketing tax is set at 3%, Buyback accounts for 2%, Reflections back to our investors counts for 2% and the remaining 2% goes towards the ecosystem development.

Moon Astronauts will have a Fairlaunch on PinkSale and 60% liquidity will be locked, the remaining 40% will be used for extensive marketing and development costs.


Holder Reflections








After launch, we will be continuously improving and evolving our project to give the best possible experience for our holders and provide a steady flow of innovation that keeps investors engaged with the Moon Astronauts project in the long term. Our product at launch demonstrates the ground floor for our project, a proof of concept and quality that our team will strive to maintain and build on throughout each stage of our roadmap.

Project Creation - Q1, 2022

Project ideation comes to life, brand creation and contract development starts. We will setup our social channels and start growing our brand awareness through several marketing campaigns.

  • Project Setup
  • Website Development & Contract Creation
  • Dapp Development Starts
  • Social Channel Setup
  • Contract Audit & Release
  • Pre Marketing
  • Fairlaunch PinkSale
  • Launch on PCS
  • CMC & CG Listing
  • Post Launch Marketing
  • Grow Community and International Launch

Initial Push - Q2, 2022

We will launch our Dapp V1 in early March and also work towards out first minor exchange listings. We plan on bringing onboard many partners that will assist with the rapid growth of the project.

  • Dapp Launch - Farming & Staking Capability
  • Partner Onboarding
  • Brand Ambassadors Announcements
  • Minor Exchange Listing

Exceleration - Q3, 2022

Our Mobile App will be launched, in addition we will expand our platform and introduce further utility. Our true diamond hand holders will reap the benefits of those that decide to exit before this period. We will push further marketing and apply for our major exchange listing.

  • Major Exchange Listing
  • Partnership Announcements
  • Loan Platform
  • Dex Launch
  • NFT Auction Platform

Exclusive NFT's

Each Astronaut is unique and programmatically generated from over 170 possible traits, including expression, headwear, clothing, and more. All Astronauts are unique, but some are rarer than others. The Astronauts are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on OpenSea. Purchasing an Astronaut is 0.10 ETH. The price of the Astronauts will rapidly become more expensive as the project evolves and owning one will provide investors with exclusive benefits as part of our expansive roadmap.

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